Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday- hooray!

It has got to be fun today. It is the end of the week but not the end of everything I am doing.

I got up EARLY, about 5:30, and got online. I am also working on several new TPT items as I see my online store's account slowly move higher and higher as emails keep rolling in.

I am currently working on a 'bundle' of Louisiana items that are just little 'bits' of info that don't really amount up to a major project.
It includes a Dot-to-Dot map of Louisiana, a Pick-a-Parish project, an African American internet assignment and other single, simple items. It's all little bits of me from my years of teaching.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday's good to go...

Today might be a much better day than yesterday. There is mass with my g-daughter, lunch with my g-daughter, ACTS workshop for my wife tonight and - I have no clue what I will do.

I have completed a new item for my TPT store and I MAY work of something else for my store today. Just don't have any clue yet.
My TPT item deals with Louisiana's famed Loup-garou or Rougarou or werewolf in general terms. It is based off a story by someone else's story about a bigfoot experience. I just turned it around to be about our own creature.
I have several other plans for TPT and hope to get around to one of them today.
I have taken the dog out, given him his treat, feed him and the cats, my wife just left for my g-daughter's mass - lunch and she say she is gonna have to pick her up AFTER school also before her mom gets off to come get her.
I work all morning in silence of another new TPT product about the Louisiana Native Guard. Very cool I think.
It's a throwback to my days at Oak Park Middle School - an all-black school which I LOVED!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday post POST

Yesterday, I went to the bank to clear things up with my accounts and cash the check. According to online the accounts were now gear and according to the teller everything looked fine. Should have known better, more in a minute. She also checked the check, could not cash it, sent me to the branch manager and she said the check was fraudulent. More on late in a minute too. I had been told my cards and account were now clear and clean so I left went outside to use the ATM. They would not work - still frozen.

Branch manager said the check was fake but the CU staff said it is NOT fake and now wants to upload the cash to my PayPal account so that I can get my comp plus finish the assignment.

However, researching the way I do I finally found the info I was looking for at NCLnet It gave me names, wording, how it this SCAM started and what I could expect - which was nothing. Oh they kept trying to convince me that it was not fake but after about a half hour and sending them links to this site, they gave up and have not called since.

I have my bank account back in working order, I have thrown the check away, reported the scam to the NCL and the Fraud division and to the state's BBB. I feel better knowing that I 'almost' got scammed but as a teacher I know better and don't mind researching all day if I need too.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday later....

I just got an email from the Credit Union that the check was written on. They were wondering what the problem was also. So with the me, the company AND the CU we can figure out what the banks problem is and has been.

Other than all this, I had a good night, we kept our g-daughter overnight, and my wife just took her to school.

I've done my morning routine with the dog, cats, meds,emails, etc.

I have been texting the CU about this check - which my bank THINKS is fraudulent. But it is not. The CU has told me that when the money is sent back to my account, to just go case it out.

They sent me to the bank to "cash" the check. I told them that I knew that wasn't going to happen but they insisted. I went, the bank said no, and while there was told the account looks like it had been forged. The check had to many 0s in account number.

I texted back the CU and they said the bank just does not know what they are saying. The I was asked if I have an online account? which I do. They said that may they could just post the money there. To me that would be only because you can't post money there unless you have MONEY. So we will just see.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

What? ? ? ? Why? ?

Got an email telling me that the company wants to pay me a $1,000 dollars for all the trouble I have had. I used to LOVE my OLD, OLD BANK but they were a local sectional bank - good to people, they knew every one, always willing to help; then they got swallowed up by a statewide conglomerate, that was ok for a while before they got swallowed by a big NATIONAL bank. And THEY don't know you from anyone else and truly don't care about you. My only reason for staying is that they have branches ALL OVER the country.

So the company is willing to pay me even though it is not their problem - per say - but they just want to make things better for me. My bank seems to think the check the company sent me was an illegal or copied or fraudulent check. Maybe it was just a check my bank had never seen before - who knows.

When I deposited the check, all was good. But after they processed it, my bank suddenly said the check was bogus and they put a hold on ALL my money - technically freezing all my accounts and all my money. The company has had to call the bank to clear up any misunderstandings. It was not the companies fault, but my banks fault.

I have had to do without my own money since Thursday. My bank even called back any payments I have made since the first - my car note, cell payment, cable payment, credit card payment etc. They are crazy. Maybe they should have to PAY me not the company.

I have Googled the check issuer and it is a very well known Credit Union in S.C. So what is the problem? They check has all the right symbols, markings, etc.

Now you see why I have been in such a bad mood since Thursday - and still am. Maybe they can get things reset Monday. Maybe.