Tuesday, September 1, 2015

TPT is more and more

I guess I can't make real field trips any more so I just let students create them by way of brief six slide Virtual Parish PPt Field Trips to almost any parish in the state.

My students can produce the PPt at home, load it on a jump drive or a floppy disk a turn in in to me to grade as they get it done. An easy assignment.

But then I have always had my students doing some weird stuff but yet 'not knowing they are learning' while they ARE learning.

Yesterday was the end of the month and my TPT dashboard was why over what I had expected. It still is not FANTASTIC but it makes me happy and make me keep coming up with items everyday.

Put up my second set of Task Cards.
But this just two of 16 sets. Plus I'm going to do a Scavenger Hunt set of cards for the end of the year.
I did get my riding mower fixed this evening and it works fine but now I need to cut grass before it rains. And I need to go to the country and cut it also.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday. Monday

It maybe be Monday but still seems like Sunday....

My DAY began very early with not being able to sleep. I got up at about 2 and sat working at my laptop for about an hour or more. At that point I went back to bed and slept til 8. It felt good.

I took the dog out after having to feed the cats, take my BP/BS measurement/readings. The dog and I then sat out on the porch for a while before I came back in to read my emails and begin my search of things to do for my TPT webstore.

Below is the item that I have been working on today. I have plans to do a set for every chapter of the most common textbooks of the state.
I also notes for several other items as I get to them. Matter of fact, my iPhone notes is getting full of just note ideas.
My wife took her car to be serviced at the Toyota place this morning, then went by school to help the teacher that took her place. She has Youth Orchestra startup this afternoon.
While she is gone I have towels to fold and put away, TPT items to work on, and various other items to get done on this the last day of the month.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday plus a bithday

Yes, today should be a great day. First, it's my g-daughter's 6th birthday - sort of. Her real birthday is the 2nd but that's a school day so it has been upped a little bit. But she is only 6, so anytime 'around' her real birthday is fine.

There are several other issues going on about that but I will go into that if it really plays out.

My g-daughter's school took a group photo in honor of the state trooper that was killed in the line of duty...

Also I have a copy of her first art assignment for the new year...
Now it is off to her birthday.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Network maddness

Wednesday, about noon my network crashed and took me off line. I did all the troubleshooting that I could, ran all the checks I knew. My moden still had all green lights, I had not surfed places that would have caused hicking, the wires had not been changed. Just my service was down. First thing I thought at that time was "Did I pay the bill?". Of course I could not check my bank balance because I had no net. So I just turned my laptop off and went about the day bored out of my mind.

Thursday came and went. No network connection. Bored again. I did not sleep well Thursday night and got up about 3:30 AM. came to my coputer desk to just work on a project, get my mind 'tired' so I could go back to sleep. Just for kicks I tried the network again - And it came on. Just like it always has.


So here I am, now at 6:30 reading emails, my online paper, finishing my blog etc.

Yesterday Wednesday, I tried several things, such as trying to use my push mower to cut the front yard but it took over an hour to make two laps around the yard. The grass was too tall and the push mower did not cut thru it very well. I'm handicapped.

But, I did finally get through with the front yard and it looks good. Now I need to go to Lowe's to get a belt for my riding mower.

Then my AT&T email got locked up and I have been trying to work with them to clear it but I am still just trying to speak to someone up SPEAKS ENGLISH! I can not understand some who speaks in a very broken Indian accent. 

If you work in the USA for someone who deals with voices on the phone you NEED to speak middle of America.

After 3 1/2 hours I finally got someone who walked me thru all the mess that AT&T put me through and go my account fixed. Got a new password which is fairly easy to remember, answer several security questions and got into my emails. Thank you Brad, Jeanne, Phil, Robin, Mark, Kenneth and Robin. And Rob walked me thru all of it.

I just checked my TPT account and my sales spiked thru the roof yesterday. I mean way thru the roof, more than I have ever seen in my years at TPT. Wow, all mighty.

Thursday I went to the SS office to file for my SS check and some disability resources. Every little bit helps. That night I went by my sister's to just visit since my wife has an ACTS church meeting til about 8 o'clock.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday morning

I did get to cut grass in the country yesterday. It was so cool to be able to ride my x-mark zero turn mower and most of the four acres done. I would have liked to get it all done but rain clouds threatened late in the afternoon. But I did get about 3/4 done. I love getting to go out there and just enjoy my time alone.

I came home, took a shower and worked on TPT items but did not finish any of them yet. I have that to work on later today if I get that far. I have to try to get some of my own yard done - with a push mower since my riding mower is out of commission for now. It is gonna be tuff knowing that I am 'handicapped' and pushing a mower is going to be very tuff. But I will try.

My wife ran off to her District Band/Orchestra Directors Meeting late last night. My nephew came over last night to look at my mower and told me that if I could get the belt he would come by to replace it. Sweet young man.

Thanks Chad.